RULES - Update Notice

Time Trials Rules Update Note - 1/9/19:

We have made a couple of major proposals to the 2019 SCCA Time Trials Rules, and we want to get them out for comment before the Board meeting and Rules approval.

In Tuner, we are proposing allowing replica hoods, decklids (trunks) and convertible hard tops of alternate materials. They must attach with the same hardware, and function the same (opening/closing or, in the case of hard tops, removing) as the factory units; i.e., a hood must attach to factory hinges and open and close using factory latches, etc. This allowance is not intended to open the door for super-light single-layer parts or parts which increase the aerodynamic performance but instead allow aftermarket replacements that function as the OEM units. This does include any lights that would attach.

We are also proposing hood venting in Tuner, but the maximum area of all vents (including OEM) may not exceed 200 sq. inches.

In addition, we are considering classing vehicles with engine swaps in Tuner. These classifications will be done on a swap-by-swap basis, and include some parameters like stock engine, same-manufacturer, no modifications to subframe or chassis, etc. We want reasonable and common swaps, so we’re looking for feedback and comments on limits and criteria for these. 

In Max, we are adjusting some of the aero rules. Instead of a maximum wing area, we have now limited vehicles to one wing, and the chord of that wing may not exceed 14 inches. The splitter dimensions have been adjusted as well, with a maximum forward dimension of 5 inches, and it may be no wider than the widest part of the OEM front bodywork. Usually this will be the top of the fender arch. This should allow some common aftermarket splitters that have a slight overhang to each side.