Bowling Green Recovery Raffle


After a series of strong storms and tornados devastated Bowling Green and the surrounding areas late last year ( The region is still recovering due to the heavy damage caused. As such, we have decided to work with the Major of Bowling Green to raise money for various area charities and non-profits who are making sure Bowling Green and its residents make a rapid recovery. We will be helping fund the following efforts with this donation:

  1. (United Way of Sourthern Kentucky)
  2. Hotel Inc. who is funding an Uber/Lyft service for Bowling Green residents to ride share
  3. BG Disaster Local Liaison Leaders who are channeling donated funds to businesses in their recovery effort.

Your donation will enter you in a raffle to be held at the track during the weekend of Time Trials Nationals.

Every donation will give you 5 entries into the raffle. Every $5 spent will give you an extra entry.

$5 = 6 entries

$10 = 12 entries

$50 = 60 entries!

We will be slowly releasing the items available for the auction over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!