Max Category Classing Survey

As announced on the SCCA TT Town Hall December 2, here is the link to the Max Category Classing Survey to decide/give input on the following options:

Option A)

Classify vehicles using the traditional displacement limits and minimum weights below.along with the traditional displacement modifiers we have been using. Any vehicle below the minimum weight in its displacement class would move up to the next class.

M5: 1.9L M4: 2.6L  M3: 4.5L M2: 6.5L M1: 6.5L+
1,900 lbs.  2,200 lbs. 2,500 lbs 2,800 lbs. NONE

Displacement Modifiers:

  • Forced induction: 1.5x displacement, with an additional .5 for each forced induction unit. E.g., Twin turbo x2, quad turbo x 3
  • Rotary/2-Cycle: 2x displacement, times any forced induction multiplier.
  • Electric Vehicles: KW/50

Option B)

Use displacement limits in each class, but instead of using multipliers for forced induction displacement, a vehicle would "up class" based on major modification criteria.

1.9L 4-Cycle
1.3L Rotary/2-Cycle
100KW EV
2.9L 4-Cycle
1.5L Rotary/2-cycle
150KW EV
4.5L 4-Cycle
2.0L Rotary/2-Cycle
225KW EV
6.5L 4-Cycle
2.7L Rotary/2-Cycle
325KW EV
6.5L+ 4-Cycle
2.7L+ Rotary/2-Cycle
325KW + EV
1,900 lbs. 2,200 lbs. 2,500 lbs. 2,800 lbs. NONE

Up-Class Factors:

  • Modified Engine internals/tolerances: +1 Class
  • Forced Induction (With or without internal engine modifications) + 2 Classes
  • Modified motor-control/batteries/battery-control on electric cars + 1 Class