This SCCA Time Trials website defines the status and release date of rules, as well as pulling other SCCA resource elements together to be a hub for basic information and the current Official Rules of SCCA Time Trials.

Updated 1-16-2019

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Time Trials Overview

The Sports Car Club of America, INC. (SCCA) is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Connecticut, dedicated to owning, operating, and preserving sports cars; arranging and regulating sports car events and exhibitions; encouraging safe and sportsmanlike conduct on public highways; and developing technical information relevant to these purposes.

Time Trials is a competition in which competitors vie for the fastest lap or elapsed time to complete a designated course. Time Trials competitors may share track, but these events are not wheel-to-wheel competitions.

Time Trials are a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury or death. Participation in all aspects of the sport is voluntary. The ultimate responsibility for participant and vehicle safety lies with the participant, vehicle owner, driver, and crew members.

The participant also acknowledges that by participating in the event, the participant may suffer bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property. The participant further acknowledges that the participant has voluntarily assumed the risk of bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property and waives any claims for bodily injury or death, or loss or damage to property against SCCA, its directors, officers, employees and agents, event officials, event sponsors, racetrack operators, and other participants and discharges such persons and entities from responsibility for such losses.

1. All participants, including competitors, officials, crew and guests are expected to act in a mature and sportsmanlike manner. Behavior strictly prohibited at SCCA Time Trials Events include, but are not limited to: bribery, fraud, reckless actions, refusing to cooperate with officials and/or competitors, acting unsportsmanlike and threatening or committing physical violence.

2. Alcohol, Drugs and Narcotics:

1. No driver, entrant or crew member may consume alcohol until all practice, qualifying or racing for his or her class is finished for the day. No official may consume alcohol until his or her duties have been completed for the day. Anyone who has consumed any alcohol on the day of an event—other than following the conclusion of his or her activities—shall not participate on that day, may be excluded from the balance of the event and may be penalized as specified. Alcohol may not be consumed in the pits until after all of the day’s on-track activities are concluded.

2. The use at an event by any participant of any Federal Schedule 1 controlled substance (including marijuana), or other drug that affects the ability of the participant to safely participate in the event, or may otherwise adversely affect the safety or integrity of the event, is specifically prohibited. Certain prescription and non-prescription medicines may also impair performance, so competent medical authority should be consulted prior to using such medicines and participating in the event. Any participant who violates this prohibition may be penalized as specified.

3. Drivers and entrants are responsible for the behavior or their crew and guests. Persons who sign the waiver for minors are responsible for the behavior of those minors.

Participants agree to permit the Sports Car Club of America Inc., and their assigns (including but not limited to series sponsors, promoters/organizers of an event), free of any charges duties or fees, to use, license, reproduce, have reproduced, show, have shown, without limitation in space or time, all soundtracks, photographs, drawings, trademarks, films, video, and video pictures concerning competitors, their drivers, teams, or cars involved in the event(s) on any medium whatsoever that is sourced by or under the authority of SCCA (excepting medium submitted by a participant as part of a formal protest or appeal procedure) for any documents, reports, coverage, broadcast, program, publication, video game or model production, software, etc. whether past, present or future. The entrant further acknowledges and agrees that SCCA may freely assign or license its rights to a third party.

Vehicle Eligibility

SCCA Time Trials are open to most four-wheeled vehicles that pass the safety inspection. Different regions, tracks and events may have different rules, so it's best to check with the organizers, rules or supplementary regulations of the event you plan on attending.

1. SCCA Time Trials Events are open to any vehicle that:

1. Meet all of the Safety Level 1 Standards, and when necessary, the SCCA rules required for special construction (GT, Sports Racers, Formula Cars, Specials etc).

2. Has at least four (4) wheels, grouped in equal sets of half of the wheels on the vehicle per side.

3. Is properly muffled.

4. Does not have a high center of gravity. Potentially unstable vehicles with a high center of gravity–determined by whether or not they are wider than they are tall–are excluded from SCCA Time Trials. Width is the average track width of the vehicle, and height is measured from the ground to the highest point. Extra caution should be exercised with non-traditional vehicles (e.g., trucks using racing slicks or tires with less than 200 tread wear rating.)

5. Is a vintage or alternate-series racing car that meets safety specifications for their sanctioning body.

6. Cars need not be licensed or licensable for road use, so long as they otherwise comply with these rules.

In addition: 

1. Physically disabled drivers may use alternate vehicle controls and preparation items appropriate for the nature of their disability. In the case of a driver using alternate controls, extra care should be taken to ensure that the driver does have adequate control of the vehicle and that the control mechanisms can withstand competition use.

2. Non-production or non-production-based vehicles like Sports Racers, Specials, Formula Cars, Dwarf Cars, etc. are not eligible to compete in Time Trials National Tour or Time Trials Nationals, unless they have been specifically classed by the Time Trials Board (TTB).

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