Statement on Counterfeit SFI Labels

On July 19, 2021, SFI released a statement on counterfeiting activity after identifying a rise in fraudulent activity, particularly untested harnesses and driver suits being sold with counterfeit SFI conformance labels—sold on sites such as Ebay, Amazon and DHgate, etc.

Items purchased from sources identified as fraudulent by SFI are not allowed to be used in any SCCA event where compliance with the relevant SFI Specifications are required.

To date, the companies identified with counterfeit SFI labels are SICKSPEED, SLAPCO, RASTuning Parts and STANJ International. SFI is doubling efforts to identify and remove fraudulent products from the market, so additional notices are expected. Racers and crew members should buy only from reputable sources. Please contact SFI with any concerns or inquiries about questionable products.


Counterfeits may appear with or without brand names. Genuine SFI conformance labels contain hidden security features and slightly different fonts and materials, but the following illustrations may assist in visually identifying the affected parts: