Time Trials Board Vacancy

Time Trials Board position open

We are currently looking for a new “Member at Large” to help round out the Time Trials Board.  The board consists of eight people: Two BoD members, two Staff Members, and four Members at Large.  

Members that are transitioning off the TTB: 

  • Jon Krolewicz is moving from the Experiential Department to the Road Racing Department in order to help them get the new Enduro program off the ground and up to speed. He is also going to be helping regions with their road race weekends, leaning into combo events. We know he will do amazing work for those programs and the Road Racing Department.  He has, however, graciously agreed to hang around the Time Trials program, and this board, as a liaison to help smooth the transition and lend his insight as we move forward.  We want to thank Jon for all he has done and will continue to do for the Time Trials program.  His knowledge and thoughtfulness have helped build an amazingly strong base for this program. 
  • While Heyward Wagner isn’t going anywhere, he will step away from having a vote on the TTB this year. However, just as with Jon, he will continue to give his thoughts and insights, and will continue to be included in all correspondence.  
  • Jeff Zurschmeide, one of our BoD representatives since the program’s inception, will be stepping away so he can focus on another program moving forward. We want to thank Jeff for his input over the years and wish him well on his new project! 
  • We will also be losing two of our “Members at Large” as both Lee Hill and Randall Prince are stepping down. Just as with Heyward and Jon, Randall will stick around for correspondence.  We want to thank both of these gentlemen for their time and efforts!


That means there are five spots vacant.  So, let’s go over who is left and who is stepping in for 2022. 

  • Our remaining BoD representative is Charlie Davis. Charlie is from California and has been on the TTB since it was formed. He will be joined by newly appointed BoD member Clay Turner. Clay hails from Colorado, works in marketing by trade, and is very interested in the TT program and its direction. Thank you both for being part of the TTB! 
  • John Hunter (Time Trials Program Manager) and Justin Barbry (Track Night in America Program Manager) will be stepping in for Heyward and Jon as the Staff representatives. Both Justin and John have been heavily engaged in the program as participants, coaches and staff since the program’s inception.  
  • Our two remaining “Members at Large” are Kathy Barnes and Bob Tunnell. We are both excited and relieved that the program will continue to have their guidance and perspective on the TTB moving forward.  One of the new additions to this group will be our own Gregg Ginsberg.  Gregg will be heavily involved with the program this year as he will be at each event as our announcer and sound operations manager. Gregg has also been heavily involved in the direction of Road Racing's Improved Touring category and that insight can be a positive with our program.


For those keeping score at home, that leaves one “Member at Large” spot left to fill.  If you feel that is you, and you would like to be considered for inclusion on the Time Trials Board, you may submit your name by clicking here. To view the responsibilities of the Time Trials Board members, please click here.