Open Time Trials Board Position Filled

We had many exciting and exceptional prospects reach out to join the Time Trials Board. We want to thank everyone that offered to step up for their passion for the program, and their desire to give back! We were excited to see so many qualified applicants submit for a single seat.  And now, without further ado, your new Time Trails Board members are:


  • Douglas Wille, from Houston, TX. Doug is a longtime member and has served on a variety of boards, including the SEB as chair.  He is also a Time Trial/Track day enthusiast, having run multiple events with the Time Trials National Tour, 1 Lap of America, and many other organizations.  His deep understanding of the SCCA, passion for the sport, and his experience in launching new products and working with software startups will help this program as it works to further establish itself in the Time Trials landscape.


  • Brian Kuehl, from Windham, NH. Brian is also a longtime member with a thorough understanding of the Time Trials program’s culture and ethos.  His background in the automotive field, along with his vast experience playing in the “builders” classes of Solo, will help keep the board in tune with today’s automotive technologies, while also bringing an understanding of the desires and interpretations of those building Time Trials cars. He is also engaged in multiple motorsports cultures, which will help the program keep in touch with the wants and desires of a large range of track and auto enthusiasts. 


As you may have noticed, we had one spot open, but I am listing two new members. Due to the overwhelming qualifications of all the applicants, we had one current TTB member volunteer to step away from having a vote, in order to free up a spot.  This allowed her the opportunity to take on a new task.  Which, in turn, allowed us to engage yet another amazingly qualified applicant. 


Kathy Barnes will be stepping off the TTB to head up the newly formed Safety Advisor role.  Kathy will be working on developing a safety reporting and tracking system for the Time Trials program that can produce reports for the TTB.  She will be joined by Aashish Vemulapalli.  Aashish brings an unparalleled passion for the program, along with a strong background in project management and data analysis.  The two will work together to provide the information necessary to keep our sport as safe as possible as the program moves forward. 


Effective February 16, 2022, your Time Trials Board members are:


  • Clay Turner – Board of Directors member
  • Charlie Davis – Board of Directors member
  • John Hunter – National Staff member
  • Justin Barbry – National Staff member
  • Bob Tunnel – Member at large
  • Gregg Ginsburg – Member at large
  • Doug Wille – Member at large
  • Brian Kuehl – Member at large