The TTB's Proposed Camber Allowance for Sport 2023!

In an effort help equalize Sport category allowance benefits, the TTB proposes to allow the most common bolt-on aftermarket camber solutions for strut suspensions...camber bolts and camber plates.  

Camber is a key factor in optimizing performance and, more importantly, tire longevity for track use, yet most modern cars have very little camber adjustment, if any.  The Sport category lowering spring allowance typically gains camber as a side effect for double a-arm suspensions, which also require less camber as they have built-in dynamic camber gain. By contrast, lowering a strut type suspension typically does not gain camber since there is no built-in dynamic camber gain, thus these cars suffer not only in relative performance but also tire life. 

Since Sport category cars are often newer, we are including restrictions to minimize the permanence of any modifications to preserve resale value. 

The TTB’s intent behind this rule change is less about any potential performance increase, than it is about consumables.  Our desire is to “even the playing field” in tire consumption as best we can, while also keeping all mods as shade tree mechanic friendly as possible. We also understand this might not be the cure for 100% of our drivers, but we feel presenting a solution that works for the greater majority is better than not seeking a solution at all. If there ends up being in unintended changes in parity within the classes, the TTB will address those as they surface.  

Without further ado, the proposed rule change for Sport reads as follows:

  • For strut-type suspensions, either camber bolts or camber plates may be installed. Resulting ride height changes from installation are permitted. For camber bolts, modification of the strut ears is not permitted, and a maximum of one camber bolt per corner is allowed. For camber plates, any type of bearing or bushing may be used in the camber plate attachment to the strut. The drilling of holes to allow installation is not permitted. The center clearance hole may not be modified.

To let us know your thoughts, please click the link below to fill out the survey.  Thank you for your input!! 

Camber Allowance Survey Link