Updates to SCCA Safety Levels

Recently the SCCA Board of Directors approved three changes to SCCA Safety Levels 2 and 3.  In essence, the changes are to require a seat with appropriate belt routing, a recommendation to replace expired belts and an adjustment to the approved rollbar tubing options. 

Please be aware that these changes only effect levels 2 and 3, primarily used for Unlimited Classes in Time Trials and HillClimb. The Level 1 rules, which are used for Sport, Tuner and Max categories for Time Trials are unchanged.

Updated Seat Rule- Seats must a one-piece, bucket-type race seat, be securely mounted and provide fore/aft and lateral support. Seats must accommodate, with appropriate routing, 5 (or more) point safety belts including sub-strap. OE seats may not be modified to accommodate belts, aftermarket seats must be installed per manufacture guidelines. 

Updated Harness Rule- Harnesses shall be in good condition (no cuts, abrasions, abnormal wear, etc.). It is highly recommended that harnesses are not utilized past their expiration date. 

Change to Rollbar Materials- The allowance for 1.00x0.060 tubing to be used on vehicles up to 1000 pounds has been removed leaving a new minimum standard of 1.25x0.090 for vehicles up to 1500lbs.

These changes take effect immediately.

To view safety levels, please visit- https://timetrials.scca.com/pages/national-event-safety-rules