BOD approves Max Aero rules alignment with CAM/XS

The BOD has unanimously approved the alignment of the Time Trials MAX category Aero rules with the Solo programs CAM and XS classes.  The rules have been updated on the website, and are official for 2024.

For more information as to the why and the how of this change, please see below:

From the beginning, the SCCA National Time Trials rules have allowed cars legal for CAM (and later Extreme Street) Solo Classes to automatically be eligible for their appropriate TT Max Classes.  This was done in an effort to support participation across the two programs.  However, over time the rules for CAM have evolved, specifically with regards to aero, and with the introduction of XS this has caused some challenges for the crossover allowance.  In effect, the CAM/XS rules have eclipsed the intended performance level of the Max category.  As a result, per the most recent Fastrack, the Time Trials Board (TTB) has recommended removing the automatic placement of CAM/XS cars in the Max Category- but the plan doesn’t end there. 

The pressing issue is that the CAM/XS ruleset allows weight reduction by removing interior without the requirement of adding safety.  Initially this was allowed in Max because the CAM aero rules were more restrictive than the Max aero allowances. Simply, you could use the CAM rules to allow weight reduction, but you sacrificed aero potential to do it.  As the CAM aero rules have opened, and with the introduction of XS bringing more cars into the conversation, the result is a loophole that allows almost all cars to have more aero and less weight via the crossover allowance than a car built to the Max rules would be allowed. 

To solve for this problem, the TTB is recommending two actions. First, already mentioned, is to remove the automatic placement.  As there remains a strong desire to encourage crossover between Max and CAM/XS, the second action is to update the Max aero allowances to match the allowances in CAM/XS.  This has two benefits- the first is supporting cross participation and the second addresses the reality that many of our Max competitors are already using the CAM/XS allowances to do the aero mods they most want.  

For most participants this will represent no change in how they compete in Time Trials.  However, it will affect those who have removed interior without adding safety equipment.  A core philosophy of the SCCA TT program is that adding safety should not be a performance disadvantage, and thus interior weight reduction in Sport, Tuner and Max categories can only happen with safety upgrades.  For those caught out by this, there are two options- 1) vehicles with removed interiors and without level 2 or greater safety may participate in Unlimited classes on 200 treadwear tires- and 2) adding level 2 safety would bring the vehicle back into the Max category.

The byproduct of all of this is that it will affect CAM/XS cars that have made performance modifications outside of the Max rules such as engine relocation, modifications to chassis and suspension locations or usage of a sequential gearbox.  These are allowances the TTB can look at for the 2025 season, but as these were not intended to be included in Max, these actions will confirm they are not allowed in Max at this time. 

For awareness, this is happening within a TT National Rules freeze- the rules do not officially open for changes until the end of the 2024 season.  However, it is the opinion of the TTB that these actions represent a clarification rather than a change.  Specifically, clarifying what preparation level is allowed in Max in 2024.  There is an opportunity to look at the category and allowances more broadly through the season and make changes, if needed for 2025. Those interested in the direction of the class are encouraged to contact the TTB directly at