NATA Council Creation: Road & Track’s Analysis

NATA Council Creation: Road & Track’s Analysis

Creation of the new North American Time Attack (NATA) Council was announced last week during the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show. Sports Car Club of America®, GRIDLIFE and Global Time Attack are the three organizations that came together to create this Council, which aims to be a leadership committee dedicated to the development, evolution and success of time-based, competitive motorsport events such as Time Attack and Time Trials. A recap of the announcement can viewed at

Road & Track writer Jack Baruth took a more in-depth look at the creation of the NATA Council in another online article titled, “The North American Time Attack Council Is the Biggest Amateur Motorsports News in Decades.” His analysis at noted the development as a major moment in motorsport history.

“What does this mean to you, the would-be amateur time-trial driver? Quite a bit,” Baruth wrote. “You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of events using a single competition license, although each sanction will remain free to charge its own membership and entry fees. You’ll have a clearly defined set of steps leading you from wide-eyed rookie to Global Time Attack winner.”

Review Baruth’s entire breakdown of the NATA news in Road & Track’s story found here. For the SCCA perspective, tonight at 9pm Eastern, you can tune in to GRM LIVE, to hear SCCA Director of Experiential Programs, Heyward Wagner's take and what this means for the future of motorsport.

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