Michael L.

Well, of course the car I bought has the Integra R engine in it.  1997 Civic with a splitter.  So, will I still be in Max 3 then?  I would much rather be in the new class.



J Craig Butt

SCCA just can't help themselves, after 40 years I gave up on SOLO II due to the ever exploding growth of classes.  It must be genetic as here we go with Time Trials.

Add to this they don't want to have a class for formula/sports racers due to track time concerns, but are adding other classes.

I had high hopes for this program, but it looks like I will continue to spend my race $$$ elsewhere.  So sad.


Matthew Huffman

okay, i guess... but at least regionally we are already struggling to get reasonable class sizes so we're not racing in classes of ones or twos...  Seems like we already had a decent number of classes.  For example, I've seen 3g MR2 with a K24 Honda swap... they went from 140HP to probably 240+ HP at 2200ish pounds.  That's tough for other folks to compete with if they have an OEM engine.  Seems like making swaps play in Max isn't unreasonable.

Dave Deborde

How about really old cars like my 1971 240Z Datsun. Car has a 280Z engine, headers triple Weber carbs and an R200 differential swapped from a 280Z.  Can a car like this with after market carbs run in the - proposed class, or does it have to go into Max or U?

What if I swap back to the L24 engine with triple Webers and engine internal mods. Cam, forged pistons, reworked cylinder head etc.  Would this be eligible for Max class depending on tires?

Just looking at different options to see if I can get something ready for the April 13-14 Thunderhill TTNT. 

Dave Deborde

Looks good to me. Have you decided what the name of this class will be?