Part-y in the USA!

Part-y in the USA!

Tire Rack Helps You Save on the Parts You Need Most

To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. To have a great track day, you’re going to burn a little rubber, put some wear on those brake pads, and maybe give your suspension a bit of a workout. When it comes time to replace or upgrade those parts, Tire Rack is here to reward you for it. They’ve got a whole menu of offerings for Time Trials competitors with rebates to make replacements and upgrades a little less of a “chore” and a little more of an opportunity to “treat yourself”!

Tires a little worn out? Make sure you have enough tread to give yourself plenty of grip in every corner! Getting grippier tires is one of the single best performance upgrades you can make for your car. Tire Rack has specials on some of the top brands, including Time Trials Incentive Program sponsor Yokohama and their ADVAN line, with a $70 rebate when you purchase a set of four.

Suspension riding a little rough or just feeling too loose? They’ve got offers on suspension parts from several brands to make your car turn in like a dream and handle every bump in the road that you can throw at it. For upgrading those parts, you can get rebates ranging from $50 to $200!

Arguably the most important part of any track-worthy car is the brakes. It’s easy to wear your pads out when you’re pushing the car to its limit, so you want to start with quality brakes and have solid options for replacing them when the time comes. Tire Rack has a huge range of brake products including the Official Brake Products of the SCCA, Hawk Performance. Get a $25 rebate per axle kit or pair of rotors, sensors and fluid. When you’re confident in your stopping power, you can be confident (and safer!) on track.

For a full list of offerings and details, check out Time Trials Performance Rewards by Tire Rack.