APEX Pro announces OBDII compatibility!

APEX Pro announces OBDII compatibility!

Our favorite digital coach just got a whole lot more connected! APEX Pro is now offering a Bluetooth OBDII Interface for the APEX Pro iOS app.


The APEX OBDII unit connects to the APEX App alongside the APEX Pro unit and allows users to both view OBDII data on the OBDII Dashboard, and log OBDII data.


Only the OBDII Interface offered by APEX Pro is compatible with the APEX app. It connects to your Apple device with Bluetooth, just like the APEX Pro unit. All OBDII equipped vehicles are compatible with the APEX OBDII module but the available data channels vary depending on your vehicle.


“We have been working for a while now to integrate vehicle data into the APEX app, and in a way that works seamlessly with the APEX unit hardware to offer even more value to our customers,” says APEX Pro Marketing Director Andrew Rains. “The OBDII module that we offer is the only Bluetooth OBDII unit that will work with the APEX app to keep things streamlined. You will have no connection issues, and we plan to constantly try to improve the unit by addressing customer requests and enhancing the available features. Your purchase of the OBDII unit is what will allow us to continue to grow and support products for the motorsports community we love so much. We will support the OBDII module with the same speed and effort as we do with the APEX Pro hardware.”


- APEX OBDII can be used without the main APEX Pro unit hardware by toggling “Enable phone GPS Logging” under User Profile in the APEX Pro app.


-The APEX OBDII Interface includes a 0-60 timer, VIN identification, and CEL lookup and reset


-Units are available for $124 on www.apextrackcoach.com.