Time Trials Nationals Becomes SCCA’s Indy 500

Time Trials Nationals Becomes SCCA’s Indy 500

How’s it like the Indy 500?

We’re glad you asked. The simple answer is, with more than 200 participants, the event has become one of the premier events on the SCCA calendar, so it’s moving to a spring date—June 9–13, 2021 to be exact—so it can be our big summer kick-off event… just like the Indy 500 is for IndyCar.  

The not-so-simple answer?

The Time Trials Program is Growing.

In the three years since we renewed focus on the dormant program, more than 2000 Time Trials licenses have been issued and 25 SCCA Regions are now hosting Time Trials events to introduce local drivers to the sport.

Time Trials Nationals, held annually at NCM Motorsports Park, grew by more than 60 percent this year—from 130 competitors in 2019 to 212 who turned times in an otherwise challenging 2020.  

On a National level, a concentrated Time Trials National Tour has been formed for the first time in history, SCCA is now the sanctioning body for Global Time Attack, and the Club shared events with the professional-level Global Time Attack program in 2020.

And, we’ve learned some things.

In those same three years, we’ve learned a few things about the timing of Time Trials Nationals:

  1. The fall is EXTREMELY busy. Solo Nationals, the Runoffs, partner schedules, staff bandwidth, publications—the fall is already jam-packed.
  2. Stickers are a dead giveaway that Time Trials Nationals is drawing in members from other SCCA programs.
  3. The event needs room to grow. If Time Trials Nationals is going to grow—and there are some really nifty ideas floating around on how it could—it needs some room.

So, mark your calendar for June 9–13, because beginning in 2021, Time Trials Nationals will become the highest profile SCCA event in the first half of the year. That means even more growth and the opportunity for those who also want to participate in autocross or road racing championship events in the fall.

What’s next?

The Time Trials National Tour event schedule is expected in the next week or so—it’s shaping up to be an exciting seven-event tour with events in Virginia, Texas, California, Michigan, New Jersey and the Pacific Northwest.

The TTB will soon be seeking member input on potential rules changes including potentially dissolving the current Prepped Category. Watch for an official request for feedback coming soon.

Carmichael Llanis

Hi. What about events on the southeast ( Fl, AL, GA , SC , etc ) Not to many options on this area. :((

Dr. Stan Hallock

An Open Wheel TT grid would be nice

Jim Murphy

HQ specifically excluded the open wheel classes when it was first established.  Time for you to petition the BOD on this.  

David Freiboth

Makes sense although an end of year finale seemed a natural progression.  The Nationals were like the year end culmination of the more regionalized National Tour.  Being located in Seattle, my dream has been to do tour events in the PNW and Cali with an end of season big trip to the Nats.  But it is likely that the in reality the Nationals is more of a supercharged regional event as I doubt you get many of us left coasters.  In any event, I'm looking forward to '21.  I'm still thinking of it as a three event year but it looks like the progression might be turned around ... Nats first and then the PNW/Cali events. Anyway, it's great to see our old club seizing the moment.

Jim Murphy

And when will club racing happen again at the National Corvette Museum race track?  There have been lobbying efforts for several years now with no results.  This is a premier road course located ideally in the middle of the country and the two nearby regions will NOT even raise their hands and ask for help to set up a club racing group of workers along with all the rest that goes into a club race.  THIS IS A TRAGEDY . . . . . .sigh.

Robert Patrick McDaniels

Just did the SCCA TT Nats event there and did a NASA SM race there. The track is open, sounds like this is an issue specific to your local clubs.

Jim Murphy

I just talked with my director who drove NCM at the TT Nationals - he said that it was too narrow and busy for the bigger cars . . . . . just like Atlanta Motorsports Park which SCCA restricted to just the smaller/slower classes, thus killing any chance of club racing there  . . . . . sigh.