Enter Now: Nine Items on Board for SCCA Women on Track TTN Raffle

Enter Now: Nine Items on Board for SCCA Women on Track TTN Raffle

Raffles are the best – especially when you’re automatically entered into the raffle by doing something you already wanted to do. And when that “something” is driving fast around one of the most exhilarating road courses in North America as part of the best Time Trials series in the nation, entering this raffle is a no-brainer. But what’s the raffle and what prizes will grace the winners? Hold on tight, because much like when you drive on track, we’re going to go through this as fast as we possibly can.

Ever heard of the Tire Rack SCCA® Time Trials Nationals (TTN)? This event has taken place every year since 2018 at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY, with the Oct. 12-15, 2023, event taking it up a notch with the inclusion of the Grassroots Motorsports Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge. And if you’re a woman entering this year’s TTN by Sept. 27, you’ll be automatically entered into the pre-event SCCA Women on Track TTN raffle.

The Prizes

There are currently nine prizes in the raffle thanks to four gracious companies.

Blayze.io brings professional driver coaching to the masses – and thanks to this raffle, you have the shot at winning one of a pair of three-month memberships. This membership helps drivers hop on an intro call right away with their chosen coach to get to know one another and discuss the plan for the weekend. The winners will then receive a one lap analysis coaching session that they can use anytime. Winners can also chat message with their coach, as well as join the Blayze member coaching calls that happen every other Tuesday night, and will also have full access to Blayze’s content library. Beyond that, the prize includes personal training plans from the driving coach so the recipients can continue to improve.

Hawk Performance is not only the Official Brake Products of the SCCA, it’s also a fantastic company with enthusiastic employees always on the lookout to help Club members. For this raffle, Hawk is offering three winners $100 discounts each on any purchase from their website – that puts new brake pads or brake fluid in reach for a last-minute upgrade.

OG Racing is another partner that’s stepped up for this deal, offering prizes for two lucky raffle winners. OG Racing’s product lineup is carefully selected to keep drivers safe with quality, affordable products – which is exactly what everyone on track is looking for.

Summit Racing is a longtime SCCA partner that’s always there when you need it. For the Time Trials Nationals, Summit Racing has donated two EZ-Ups for raffle prizes. Best of all, winners will be able to take their winnings home with them. And whether you win this raffle or not, check out Summit’s website for a wide range of products for the driver, car, and shop.

How Do I Enter The Raffle?

Entering this SCCA Women on Track TTN raffle couldn’t be easier. If you’re a woman who enters this year’s Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials Nationals by Sept. 27, you’re entered for the prizes above – that’s all there is to it!

Coaching prize winners will be chosen shortly after the Sept. 27 deadline, allowing winners to use the prize to prepare for the Oct. 12-15, 2023, TTN at NCM Motorsports Park. Remaining prizes will be raffled during the SCCA Women on Track social on Saturday afternoon of TTN.

Click the link below, enter TTN, and we’ll see you in October!

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Photo by Tradd Slayton