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SCCA Time Trials Drivers should be able to participate in competition in a car at high speeds for extended periods of time. This form is a guide and tool for you to determine if you are medically qualified to participate in a Time Trials event. Failure to be able to deal with the stresses of automobile competition may jeopardize the driver or others while attending a competitive event.

Drivers entering an SCCA Time Trials Event should be able to handle the physical and mental demands below for the length of a session for each session of an event.

The functional suggested requirements of a driver in a competition automobile are:

1. Ability to rapidly operate acceleration, braking, and steering mechanisms/systems.

2. Vision: distant vision correctable to 20/40 each eye, ability to distinguish basic colors, and peripheral vision to 70 degrees in the horizontal median for each eye.

3. Should have minimal chance of sudden incapacitation from any disease process.

4. Ability for rapid mental activity, problem solving, and decision-making.

5. Ability to maintain an aerobic level heart rate for more than 20 minutes.

The environment the driver may operate in is:

1. Temperature extremes from 0 degrees (F) to 120 degrees (F) for long periods of time.

2. Smoke, fumes, vapor, caustic chemicals, and dust.

3. Loud noise and vibration.

4. Increased potential for exposure to fire.