Bevy of Partner Support for Tire Rack Time Trials Participants

Bevy of Partner Support for Tire Rack Time Trials Participants

TOPEKA, Kan. (March 27, 2019) – Every driver appreciates a little help to get out on track. Be it family, crew or corporate backing, the truth is participation in motorsports benefits from a little “assistance.” That is why Sports Car Club of America® is extremely pleased to announce that five partners have come forth to offer various forms of support to those participating in 2019 Tire Rack Time Trials events.

To support the program, and all of its participants, Tire Rack has signed on as title sponsor for the eight-event Tire Rack SCCA® Time Trials National Tour and the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials Nationals taking place September 27-29 at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In addition, Tire Rack -- a leading retailer of tires, wheels, and performance parts -- also offers Time Trials participants access to the Tire Rack Performance Rewards Program.  This program allows entrants to order select products from Tire Rack in preparation for their Time Trials event, and then receive rebates in the form of a gift card after the events completion.

SCCA Time Trials is more than just motorsport competition. It’s a chance to have fun with cars and socialize with others who share a common passion. To aid with comradery, each Time Trials event will feature a party on Saturday evenings thanks to Hagerty, a presenting sponsor of the Time Trials Tour.  Additionally, Hagerty offers participants a means for protecting their investments on track, providing invaluable peace of mind for those on track.

No motorsport event is complete without victory podium celebrations. To that end, KONI has graciously agreed to present the KONI Podium celebrations for Time Trials participants. At each event, the top three finishers in each Time Trials class will be lauded and receive trophies thanks to KONI, a premier manufacturer of performance and adjustable shock absorbers.

To get a trophy, however, competitors must first make it to the victory podium. To help achieve that goal, a handful of additional SCCA Time Trials partners are offering various services that enhance driver performance.

Need some driver tutoring? Well, Time Trials partner Racers360 can lend a hand with that through video-based coaching. Competitors send the Racers360 team on-board video from their event and in return get valuable, same-day coaching from some of the best in the industry. Time Trials participants can register for the Racers360 service at checkout when registering for a Time Trials event.

Data acquisition has quickly become a must-have tool for performance driving. Time Trials participants now have a cost-effective, powerful data acquisition option open to them thanks to a partnership with ApexPro. Available at all Tire Rack Time Trials Tour events, ApexPro’s unique units allow drivers to receive real-time feedback thanks to a compact unit mounted at the front of a car. Combine that data with the Racers360 service and competitors just might find themselves on the top step of a KONI Podium celebration.

The Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour presented by Hagerty kicks off at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA on April 13-14 and visits Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan and Connecticut before the season finale in September in Kentucky. Details and registration can be found at