Rescheduled Road Atlanta National Tour Joins ARRC Weekend

Rescheduled Road Atlanta National Tour Joins ARRC Weekend

Atlanta Region SCCA’s American Road Race of Champions played an integral role in many SCCA road racer’s lives, carrying on an unofficial championship event for those classes not a part of the Runoffs when the event left Road Atlanta in 1993.

Now, the ARRC is doing the same for SCCA’s Time Trials drivers, giving those who are searching for an additional event a showcase to end their season.

During the 2020 ARRC, November 6-8 at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, SCCA will be including a Tire Rack Time Trials National Tour event sprinkled amongst the wheel-to-wheel racing. A detailed schedule will be announced soon, but the Time Trials portion of the event will almost certainly fill up and sell out.

How do we know it will sell out? First, the track.

Road Atlanta’s 2.54-mile, 12-turn layout is one of the most iconic tracks in American racing history. With some of the fastest corners in the country and a straightaway long enough to land a small aircraft on, the annual home of IMSA’s Petit Le Mans is fun for every skill level and every type of car.

Second, the track time.

Saturday will feature a morning practice followed by the first Time Attack session of the weekend. Sunday's schedule is still to be finalized, but you can bet that you'll get a good chunk of track time in pursuit of your fastest lap.

Third, the fun.

Seriously, it’s a Tire Rack Time Trials Nationals event, on the same weekend as an SCCA race, on an amazing track.
Because the event has been rescheduled from earlier in the year as a standalone event at Road Atlanta, those who were registered for the previous event will be automatically added to the November date.
Those who wish to be a part of the event can register here.  


Photo by Adrian Stanescu

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