2023 Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour at VIRginia International Raceway Powered by Hagerty

March 10, 2023 - 05:00 PM EST to March 12, 2023 - 05:00 PM EST
2023 Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour at VIRginia International Raceway Powered by Hagerty

The Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour invites you to come experience the fun and excitement of competing on track with likeminded enthusiasts. From beginner to seasoned track veterans, these events are a home for anyone that considers themselves a driving enthusiast. And when the track goes quiet, the good times continue with the off-track social activities featuring food, fun, and friends! Camping at the track is encouraged, friends and family are welcome, and food and drink are available on site. Come join in on the good times!



Referred to by Paul Newman as "Heaven on earth", Virginia International Raceway will kick of the 2023 Time Trials National Tour. This awesome event will have a bit of everything for all car/driving enthusiast!  The 2023 TTNT @ VIR will feature:

  • Full weekends worth of Time Trials competition! 2 Practice sessions on Sat morning, followed by 6 more sessions to get your fastest laps in!  Each drivers final score will come from combining the best times from three sets of sessions. Groups will be built by experience for practice, then all non-novice drivers will be combined and re-grouped by lap time allowing for a better opportunity to get your best lap in!
  • Two opportunities to participate in a Track Day!  Want to drive on track, but want to keep it casual?  The Track Day events are offered separately on Saturday and Sunday, with each driver getting 3 twenty minute sessions on track. Want to do both days? No problem!  Sign up for both and double your fun!  "But what if I am signed up for the Time Trials? Can I still do the track day, too?!" Absolutely!  Do all three!
  • A car show brought to you by Driver Motorsports!!  Driver Motorsports, known for their award winning R32 GTR at SEMA 2022, will be onsite hosting a car show on Saturday that will bring some of the coolest cars east of the Mississippi to VIR!  
  • Want to experience being on track, but don't have your car yet? Or maybe you just want more seat time? Try out the Sim Racing brought to you by Apex Racing Lab!!  Their mobile virtual racing game truck has four sim racing cockpits that offer a realistic racing game experience. 
  • Have a Corvette or "Twin"? Then you have multiple ways to compete within the event!! If you are a Corvette owner, you can participate with the National Council of Corvette Clubs by clicking on this link! If you own a Subaru/Scion/Toyota "Twin" you can join in on the "86 Cup" by going here!

Of course the usual TTNT festivities will be included!  The Hagerty Social Dinner, the paddock parties with your Time Trials friends and family..  maybe even a game of Four Square!

Registration for the Time Trials and Track Day events opens on Friday, Jan 6th at 7pm EST. Space will be limited for both, so sign up early to make sure you have a spot!!

Time Trials Entry Fee: $425.00 (Annual SCCA Membership required)*

Track Day Entry Fee: $220.00 per day. (Annual SCCA Membership not required)

* If you don't have your own AMB or Westhold compatible transponder, you will need to add a rental transponder.



Those who want to experience the action, excitement and festivities of a Time Trials National Tour are not limited to drivers. Tech Officials, Timing and Scoring gurus and more are welcome at the event and at the parties. Helping as a volunteer, worker or officials costs nothing and those interested can apply by using the link below.

Official/Volunteer Application:


Event Lead TBA
Competition Director TBA
Driver Coaches TBA

A. GENERAL RULES: This event is governed by the 2023 SCCA Time Trial Rules (TTR), National Competition Format and National Classing as outlined at timetrials.scca.com plus the rules and procedures found on this page.

B. PASSING & TRACK PROCEDURES: Groups will use the suggested passing rules and procedures for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Drivers as outlined in the “Rules of The Track” section found at timetrials.scca.com.

C. CLOTHING: Drivers are required to wear the minimum clothing outlined in the SCCA Time Trials Rules or as required in the specific track rules for their car and class. Safe apparel must be worn in the pits at all times (shirts and closed toe shoes). Crew members on pit lane must display their event credentials at all times while on pit lane.

D. PACED LAPS: Paced Laps are intended for Novice Drivers and Drivers who have never seen the track. Other drivers may join with permission of their group's driver coach if they join at the back and track density permits.

E. PIT LANE: The speed limit on pit road is 25 mph. No tire scrubbing in the pit lane prior to entering the course.

F. IMPOUND: Drivers will report to impound for post-session debriefs immediately following each session.

G. RESULTS: Live timing will be available during the event at timetrials.scca.com. Provisional and final results will be posted at the Event Center. Additionally, final results will be posted to timetrials.scca.com no later than seven days following the completion of the event.

H. FLAG PROCEDURES: Black Flag Station and other event-specific flagging procedures will be announced at the event.

I. SCALES: Location and Requirements will be available at check-in.

J. EVENT SCHEDULE: Actual session start times may be delayed from the published schedule due to unforeseen circumstances during the event. It is the driver’s responsibility to listen to the PA system and pay attention to activity on track. The schedule or run groups may only be changed (or start times advanced) at the discretion of the Competition Director, with concurrence by the Event Lead, depending on pre-race entry counts or as needed to accommodate situations during the event.

K. COMMUNICATIONS: Radio frequencies used by event officials may be monitored but shall not be used for communication by any participant.

A. DRIVER ELIGIBILITY: The event is open to all drivers with a valid state driver's license and a full membership to the SCCA.  If you don't have a membership you can join when you register.

B. TIME TRIALS LICENSES: It will help if you have one, but it's OK if you don't. Event officials will work with you to make sure you get one fitting your experience level at the event. (No charge.)

C. MEDICAL: Please notify the Officials of any pertinent medical condition(s). Any participants involved in an accident in which there is significant damage or any injury, or at a race official’s discretion, MUST present themselves or be transported to the track medical facility for evaluation. Off-site medical transportation fees may apply.

D. MINOR DRIVERS: Drivers 16- and 17-years-old, with a state-issued driver's license can compete, but there is some extra paperwork. Please contact Officials before the event and get approval from the Event Lead.

A. VEHICLE ELIGIBILITY: Competition is open to all vehicles conforming to the National Time Trials Classes. Some tracks do not allow Electric Vehicles. Please refer to Track Information to verify EV eligibility.

B. DECALS: All cars must have Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour decals and any required partner decals visibly placed on each side of the vehicle and a Tire Rack windshield banner at the top of the front windshield. Decals will be provided free of charge and may be obtained at registration and/or tech. A diagram of sticker placement for Time Trials National Tour events can be found here: Time Trials National Tour Decal Placement. A diagram of sticker placement for Time Trials Nationals can be found here: Time Trials Nationals Decal Placement. 

C. TECHNICAL INSPECTION: All vehicles must be presented at tech to turn in tech forms and pass the event safety inspection (Tech) if required prior to any on-course participation. Tech may also check event sponsor decal requirements and verify compliance of Vehicle Identification. Competitors are cautioned that vehicle/identification color combinations such as red/black, red/blue, and white/silver do not have adequate contrast.

D. TIMING & SCORING: All cars are required to use fully operational MyLaps/AMB TranX260 or X2 transponders. The driver is responsible for providing correct information to Timing & Scoring. Non-functioning transponders will likely result in the loss of times.

E. RENTAL TRANSPONDERS: Rental transponders are available through registration.


A. Virginia International Raceway Driver/Vehicle Safety Requirements
VIR has the following rules which are required for vehicle and driver safety gear beyond the SCCA Time Trials Rules:

1. All convertible Vehicles must be equipped with a roll bar. Factory roll over equipment may not be sufficient.

2. Helmets must be "SA" rated and have a certification date of 2015 or newer. "M" helmets and SA2010 or older are not allowed.

3. Drivers in a race-prepared car must wear a one-piece SFI- or FIA-rated driver’s suit with a minimum of two layers. A current SA2015 or higher rated competition-approved helmet and closed-toed shoes, either leather or Nomex recommended. Nomex gloves and socks are also recommended, as is an approved head and neck restraint system.

4. At Virginia International Raceway - Long pants are required for drivers and anyone in the pits.

B. General Information

1. Event Waiver: All participants and spectators must fill out VIR’s standard waiver at front gate.

2. Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol is permitted, provided it is for individual consumption. No glass beer bottles allowed.

3. Unmanned Arial Vehicles: Drones are not allowed on VIR property in accordance with FAA regulations.

4. Restricted Areas: Areas inside the Track Fence or Pond Fence is off limits to the public. At not time is anyone authorized to climb or modify a fence or bypass a gate.

5. Fireworks: Fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.

6. Fishing: Fishing anywhere on VIR property is prohibited.

7. Quiet Hours: Unmuffled engines must not be run between 8pm and 8am and Quiet hours for gatherings, music, etc. are from 11pm to 7am.

8. Smoking: Smoking in any VIR building, inside the “hot” fence of the track, or on pit lane is strictly forbidden.

9. Campfires: Campfires/Ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained fire pit off the ground. Use of VIR property as firewood is prohibited. Open fires of any type are not permitted in Paddock area at any time.

10. Pop-up Shelters: Canopies or “EZ-Ups” will not be placed in front of any facility designated as a hospitality area. The canopy owner is responsible for any damage caused by their canopy if it is caught by the wind and carried into persons or objects.


C. Paddock Rules

1. Minors/Youth: Children are not permitted to ride bikes, hoverboards, rollerblades, skates, skateboards and scooters in the Paddock during hot track hours.

2. Access Roads: Speed limit in the paddock, in front of the Lodge and South Bend Road (Villas) is 15mph. Speed limit on the access roads is 25mph.

3. Parking: Participants must park Vehicles and trailers within the lines in North & South Paddocks, North & South Timing Towers and the accompanying Tech Sheds.

In the North Paddock, there is no parking in front of the Victory Circle Podium fire lane, the Pagoda, the TMI Racing Products store, or the fence along pit road. Violating vehicles are subject to being towed.

4. Emergency Vehicle Access: Fire Lanes in each Paddock (outlined in yellow) must remain clear at all times. This includes in front of Victory lane and the “No Parking” lane in front of the Pagoda in the North Paddock, and South Paddock Timing Tower.

5. Facility Surfaces: Pounding stakes or making holes in any paved surface or the use of paint or spray marking of any type on any paved surface including, but not limited to, any part of the Racecourse proper, Paddock, False Grid or Skit Pad is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected and refused re-entry.

6. Asphalt protection: If Participants must raise a vehicle on asphalt, or use landing gear with a trailer, they MUST have metal or wood under the jack, jack stands, or landing gear. Violators are subject to a $500 fee per damaged/marked area.

7. Equipment removal: All Vehicles and trailers must be removed immediately after the Event.

8. Facility Condition: Participants must leave VIR Property and all equipment used on the Property in the same condition as found.

9. Waste Materials: Participants must remove from the Property all “environmental debris” including, but not limited to, broken vehicle parts, fuel cans, batteries, scrap metal, tires, used oil, petroleum products and any other waste fluids, and any hazardous materials or substances.

Participants must dispose of all waste fluids properly in the designated Safety Kleen waste fluid drums or remove from property for proper disposal elsewhere.

10. Paddock Refueling: VIR requires anyone refueling in the paddock to use a drip pan to catch spilled fuel. Any fuel spills on any paved surface must be immediately diluted with Cold Fire. Cold Fire may be obtained, free of charge, from EMS or Security staff.

11. Garage fuel storage: Fuel jugs containing fuel are not allowed in Paddock Garages.

Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour At VIR Powered by Hagerty Event Schedule

March 10th -12th, 2023

*Schedule is subject to change

*Groups 1-5 will be built combining Purple, Red, White, and Yellow groups in speed order


3:00PM Gates Open
Check-In/Registration/Tech Opens
7:00PM Check-In/Registration/Tech Close


7:00AM Check-In/Tech Open
7:45AM Worker Meeting (Location TBA)
8:00AM Driver Briefing - (Location TBA)
8:30AM Paced Laps
8:50AM Purple Group - Practice Session 1
Blue Group - Novice Group Briefing
9:10AM Red Group - Practice Session 1
9:30AM White Group - Practice Session 1
9:50AM Yellow Group - Practice Session 1
10:10AM Blue Group - Practice Session 1
10:30AM Break
Purple Group - Practice Session 2
10:55AM Red Group - Practice Session 2
11:15AM White Group - Practice Session 2
11:35AM Yellow Group - Practice Session 2
11:55PM Blue Group/Novice Group - Practice Session 2
12:15PM Lunch
Check-In/Tech Close
1:15PM TE - Group B
1:35PM TE - Group A
1:55PM Group 1 - Time Attack 1: Session 1
2:10PM Group 2 - Time Attack 1: Session 1
2:25PM Group 3 - Time Attack 1: Session 1
2:40PM Group 4 - Time Attack 1: Session 1
2:55PM Group 5 - Time Attack 1: Session 1 
3:10PM Blue TT Group - Time Attack 1: Session 1
3:30PM Break
3:35PM TE - Group B
3:55PM TE - Group A
4:15PM Group 1 - Time Attack 1: Session 2
4:30PM Group 2 - Time Attack 1: Session 2
4:45PM Group 3 - Time Attack 1: Session 2
5:00PM  Group 4 - Time Attack 1: Session 2
5:15PM Group 5 - Time Attack 1: Session 2 
5:30PM Blue TT Group - Time Attack 1: Session 2
5:50PM TE - Group B
6:10PM TE - Group A
6:30PM Course Closed - Hagerty Social Dinner Party


Driver Briefing (Location TBA)
8:30AM Blue TT Group - Time Attack 2: Session 1
8:45AM TT Group 5 - Time Attack 2: Session 1 
9:00AM TT Group 4 - Time Attack 2: Session 1
9:15AM TT Group 3 - Time Attack 2: Session 1
9:30AM TT Group 2 - Time Attack 2: Session 1
9:45AM TT Group 1 - Time Attack 2: Session 1
10:00AM Break
10:05AM Blue TT Group - Time Attack 2: Session 2
10:20AM TT Group 5 - Time Attack 2: Session 2 
10:35AM TT Group 4 - Time Attack 2: Session 2
10:50AM TT Group 3 - Time Attack 2: Session 2
11:05AM TT Group 2 - Time Attack 2: Session 2
11:20AM TT Group 1 - Time Attack 2: Session 2
11:35AM Lunch
12:40PM TE - Group B
1:00PM TE - Group A
1:20PM Blue TT Group - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
Followed by TT Group 5 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
Followed by TT Group 4 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
Followed by TT Group 3 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
Followed by TT Group 2 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
Followed by TT Group 1 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 1
2:30PM Break
2:35PM TE - Group B
2:55PM TE - Group A
3:15PM Blue TT Group - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
Followed by TT Group 5 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
Followed by TT Group 4 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
Followed by TT Group 3 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
Followed by TT Group 2 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
Followed by TT Group 1 - 3 Lap Challenge: Session 2
4:45PM Break
4:50PM TE - Group B
5:10PM TE - Group A
5:30PM Course Closed

Hagerty On-track Insurance:
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